What Don't Women Over 40 Want to Do Anymore?

It wasn’t all that long ago when women over 40 were expected to dress a certain way. But these days 40-somethings aren’t feeling pressured to wear frumpy dresses and pantsuits anymore. 

“What people really care about today is authenticity and self-expression,” beauty guru Bobbi Brown says. “If a 45-year-old woman feels like sneakers or pink hair really speak to her personal style, she is going to go for it, regardless of her age.”

Here are some of the fashion-forward trends women once thought to be “over the hill” are rocking these days:

  • Ripped jeans - Finding the right jeans is more about body confidence than age. Women who like ripped jeans don’t feel pressured to stop wearing them just because they’re over 40.
  • On-trend nail art - Anyone of any age can try trendy nails, just keep them short and go for clean designs, like color blocking.
  • Pink and blue hair - This look isn’t for everyone, but plenty of 40-somethings are trying their tresses with bright-colored highlights these days.
  • Body-baring bikinis - Lots of women think they need to trade in their two-piece bathing suits for a sensible swimsuit once they reach a certain age, but lots of women over 40 have banging bodies and look better in bikinis than younger women and they have no plans to trade in for a one-piece.

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