Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Masquerade Ball, Hairball and Father's Day

Weekends are usually meant for sitting back and relaxing well this past weekend was the opposite.  It was insane, starting with my wife, Kristy's 40th bday which has left me incredibly stressed, the theme, masquerade party and it ended up being incredible.  The party was at Prohibition on the 27th floor of the W Minneapolis.  

Saturday was a first, I went to Balsam Lake, Wisconsin and Balsam Lake royalty asked to get their picture taken with me which was cool.  

Saturday night we ended up at Hairball, an 80's cover band that is incredible.  They have pyro, four rotating (I think) lead singers that dressed up and performed in character as 80's rock legends and it was increidlb.e 

I don't have a picture of the band performing here because I had a first happen, the group below came up to me and asked if I would take a picture with them so they could be one photo in my weekend in five pictures.  

Father's day started with some great art by the kids and this sign.  

Then Sunday afternoon did the dog park and brought the kids on the windiest lake patrol of the year.  

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