6 Signs Your Body Is Producing Excess Testosterone

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Hormones control everything from your metabolism to mood, so when your body's producing too little or too much, your body starts acting up. When your testosterone (the sex hormone that control male physical features and is present in women in lower doses, levels are off) it can cause unwanted side effects.

Elevated testosterone can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome, according to Dr. Partha Nandi, but it can also be a simple hormonal issue. Here's several signs your body is making more testosterone than usual.


Higher testosterone levels produce more pore-clogging oil. That, coupled with bacteria on the face, can cause inflammation, which leads to breakouts, Dr. Nandi explains.

Weird hair patterns

Excess testosterone levels can cause excess hair growth in places women don’t usually have hair, like your chin or chest, Dr. Nandi says.

Mood Swings

It’s normal to snap when you're frustrated, but when you regularly feel down, depressed and/ or on-edge, it could be a sign your hormone production is off, Dr. Nita Landry explains.

A deeper voice

Increased testosterone can make your voice get deeper and huskier, like the way you sound when you’re sick, according to Dr. Ricardo Lopez.

Increased weight and muscle mass

Dr. Landry says these are common with excess testosterone production, but there are plenty of other reasons you could be gaining weight.

A charged libido

A recent study found high levels of testosterone can lead to greater sexual desire.

Source: Shape; photo: Getty Images

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