4 Things To Say In An Awkward Situation Instead of 'Sorry'

Sorrys are everywhere. How many times do you apologize throughout the day? Do you say “I’m sorry” when it takes you a few hours to respond to an e-mail? When you start to speak at the same time as someone else? When someone else bumps into you?

Here's five ways to handle an awkward situation without adding to the awkwardness (i.e. apologizing profusely):

1. When you're late for a meeting. Instead of apologizing, say, "Thank you for your patience. I know your time is valuable, so let's dive in."

2. When you need to ask a question, don't apologize. Say, "here's my question."

3. When you don't like something. Just say you didn't care for it. No need to apologize.

4. When you need to clarify something you said, say "Let me clarify."

Go fourth and quit saying "sorry."

Source: Huffington Post; photo: Getty Images

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