WATCH - Shawn Mendes Calls Out Scammer Trying To Sell His Signature

Video has surfaced of Shawn Mendes accusing a man of only wanting his signature so that he can sell it to make a profit.

When the man denied the accusation, by saying the autograph was for his sister, Shawn asked to see a picture of the man's sister. Others prompted the man to call his sister, which he did. Shawn refused to sign anything until he could verify that his signature was in fact going to a true fan.

Shawn spoke to someone named "Jennifer" on the phone. The man had identified his sister as being 17-years-old, but the girl on the phone said she was 18. However, after the phone call Shawn did sign something in hopes that it really was going to the sister. 

Before they parted ways, Shawn apologized to the man by saying 

"Sorry, I hope you're cool with that. You know if you're lying here than I hope you can live with that. Because that doesn't make me a bad guy."

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