A Chart Ranking the Best Types of French Fries Is Creating Major Controversy on the Internet

Back in March of last year, a website called Food Republic put together a chart where they subjectively ranked a bunch of types of French fries from best to worst.

Apparently no one noticed the chart until this weekend, when someone tweeted about it . . . and now it's tearing the Internet apart. 

Their top 10 types of fries are:  

1. Waffle 

2. Belgian

3. Tater Tots

4. Regular cut

5. Garlic 

6. Curly

7. Shoestring 

8. Crinkle cut 

9. Cheese 

10. Steak 

And some of the types that finished outside of the top 10 are sweet potato, wedges, chili cheese fries, and cottage fries. 

As far as we can tell, not a SINGLE person has responded, "Hey, great rankings, you guys nailed it."

People have issues with EVERYTHING like the disrespect of putting curly fries sixth . . . counting tater tots as fries . . . not including poutine . . . and giving shoestring fries any spot on the list other than dead last. 


Original Story: (BroBible

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