The Top 11 Nicknames Guys Give Their Junk

Bare-chested Hispanic man with hands in pockets

A cheeky survey revealed 73 percent of men have a nickname for their junk. The three most popular names are Troy, Hercules and The Rock.

Of the guys who've given their bits a pet name, 72 percent chose a masculine one (i.e. Troy, The Rock), while others opted for a more light-hearted one (i.e. Russell the Muscle). Fifty-nine percent admitted a woman came up with the name (#whipped).

Peep the top 11 nicknames:

1. Troy

2. Hercules

3. The Rock

4. Russell the Muscle

5. Wilfred

6. Dave

7. Jerry

8. Johnny

9. Randy

10. Wendell

11. Napoleon

Source: The Mirror; photo: Getty Images

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