Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: A Twerking Class & Kickball Party

A friend of mine recently discovered what I would consider a hidden gem of a gym that offers a variety of different classes including a very intense hip hop class that I'd say is basically a twerking class and I LOVED everything about.  It was intense, somewhat difficult, but really fun so I didn't really feel like I was working out.  Here I am with one of the instructors from Major Body Fitness, Chloe (left), and my two friends: 

Here are all the ladies that did the Boot Camp-themed class on Friday. 

I had to get one video of what this class is all about so here are the two instructors teaching us the next set of moves we were about to do. 

Saturday we had our mid-season party for the kickball league I'm on.  I was a little too consumed with socializing, and lets be honest, drinking, that I forgot to get ANY pictures, so here's a sweet pic I screenshotted from one of my teammates snap story of the pool party we hung out at before the kickball party at The Fremont. 

I LOVE being in radio and I want to do as much as I can to continue to advance in this industry.  I recently talked to our program director about considering me to fill in for any open on-air shifts and after meeting with him quick on Thursday, just like that I had my first on-air shift Sunday night.  Tune in at 10pm-midnight Sundays to hear the sweet sounds of Weather Girl Jenny ;)

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