10 Commandments of Being a Customer

A listener that works retail here in the Twin Cities wants help educating people who shop know what the 10 commandments of being a customer.  

1.Thou shall not open up packages without a purchase.

(Example- ripping out T-shirt packages)

2.Thou shall not put items just anywhere in the store.

(Example-food with clothing, shampoo with food)

3. Thou shall not be rude to employees/ other customers

(Example-when checking out acknowledge the cashier)

4.Thou shall mind their children while in store.

(Example- If the spill or pull items off shelf pick it up)

5) Thou shall be patient

(Example- while waiting in line Just know we are going as fast as they can)

6) thou shall pick up after themselves.

(If you take an item and decide you don't want it out it back in the right place)

7) thou shall not steal items and try to hide packages.

(we know the hiding spots)

8)thou shall not argue with an employee about company policies.

(We can't change them)

9)Thou shall not leave a cart full of item somewhere in the store and just leave.

(Example- if you don't want the items to give to an employee they will take it where it needs to go)

10)Thou shall not change prices on items with clearance stickers.

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