Steve-O's Five Wknd Pics: Acting Like A Kid All Weekend for Boys Weekend

Kristy and Olivia were out of town this weekend so that meant Isaac, my five year-old and I were left at home to fend for ourselves.  I think we did pretty good.  He played video games, we went out to eat, went fishing all stuff guys do when left for their dad for the weekend. 

The first activity for Isaac and I, games at Dave and Busters. 

Dave and Busters

Saturday we had a BLAST at the Mini Maker Faire at the MN State Fair Grounds.  This is a working R2D2 unit from a club that makes custom R2D2 and BB8 units.  

Went fishing twice and didn't catch a thing.

Of course, had a number of smores. It's boys weekend, what do you expect?  

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