Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: Grand Old Day & Great Food!

Friday was supposed to be my only free day this weekend so I took advantage of the hot and sunny weather and hung out at my pool all afternoon.

At night I went out to dinner to It's Greek To Me and got the Scallop Ekati and it was PHENOMENAL.  If you like Greek you should check this place out!

I had never been to Milk Jam before but heard it was pretty great so we went after dinner and luckily the line wasn't too long.  I got the Donut Ice Cream that was on special for National Donut Day.  It was good but different because it was almost just like eating a donut, not actual ice cream. 

I had to work a double at my serving job Saturday and then was supposed to work brunch on Sunday but got called off so I was able to go to Grand Old Day for the first time ever and had such a great time!  It was hot and packed but I love a good event filled with live music, alcohol and friends. 

I especially love events like this where you run into people you see every week but also people you haven't seen in months.  I don't get to see these girls often but here I am with my friends Tiff and Jenna!

Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather at some point this weekend as well!

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