5 Signs Your Relationship Is Stuck In The 'Friend Zone'

Trouble under the covers

The 'friend zone' isn't limited to the Nerdy Boy pining over the Popular Girl; according to therapist Alison Raphael, a romantic relationship can end up in the 'friend zone.'

"If there's an understanding that you're both going to work on it, then you can rescue it," says Raphael. Here's several signs your relationship is in the friend zone and how you can save your romance:

Your partner is being less physically intimate and sex hasn't been good for a while. 

If this has been going on for months, then your partner is probably pulling away from the physical connection. Raphael suggests connecting outside the bedroom to restore the basic connection.

You feel like they're not making an effort anymore. 

Partners means you both make an effort. If your S.O. isn't pulling his/ her weight, find something you enjoy doing together. Do something romantic to help your boo feel good about themselves, too.

They're not talking to you. 

If your partner insists nothing's wrong or avoids conversation, something isn't working. Give your partner space.

Your partner isn't looking after themselves.

It's a bad sign if your partner doesn't care how he/she looks anymore i.e. quits exercising, won't eat right and/or won't get off the couch. Try to find out what triggered it by asking them directly in a non-judgmental way.

It all feels so similar. 

When you've been together for a while, the mystery fades, but familiarity isn't reason to pull away. Plan new experiences together. Switch up your date night routines and find adventures together.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK; photo: Getty Images

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