Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: A Trip to Denver

A few of my best friends live out in Colorado so I decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and pay them a visit!

Friday night we just took it easy, grilled, and hung out.  Then Saturday we went to a very interesting brunch place called Ophelia's in downtown Denver.  They have live music during brunch, bottomless BLOOD ORANGE mimosas, and amazing food!  And yes the pint glasses are how they serve bottomless mimosas. 

It was rainy and cooler out on Saturday so we decided to just bar hop most of the day.  We went to a bar called Mile High Spirits and after a few cocktails, my friends and I had some fun in their photo booth.

After a long day on Saturday I still managed to get up at 6am Sunday morning to hike Devils Head Fire Lookout in Sedalia, Colorado.  The lookout has views of a ton of famous peaks in Colorado including Pike's Peak and it wasn't too hard of a hike.

Sunday night we went to a place called Avanti.  It's a bar with a bunch of different food places you just walk up to and order at, so we did food and drinks and spent the night there.  My friend Ayantu and I had some delicious red Sangrias. 

It's right outside of downtown, and there was a gorgeous view as the sun was setting. 

And one bonus pic for the long weekend.  Monday we went to the 16th Street Mall which is basically Denver's version of Nicollet Mall.  Every couple of blocks there are pianos for anyone to play so I sat down at one point and played a little Beauty and the Beast (the only song I have memorized). 

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