Missing Finger Monday

I'm a 30 something year old and 9 years ago my thumb was partially amputated during a work accident. At the time I was working for Ringling Bros circus as an animal caretaker. We were loading into one of the cities after a very long night and day. The tiger trainer was driving a forklift and called me over to talk. Next thing I knew my hand was pulled down into the chains of the machine and 12 hours later my dominant thumb was amputated. Major bummer! I quit the circus, moved in with my parents (bloomington) and started applying for jobs in a zoo. After a few months I was hired at the Nashville zoo as the lead giraffe keeper. I stayed in that position for 6 years until my first kid was born. I'm now a mom boss to two kids, married to my eHarmony love and still only have one thumb. Huge fan of your show! I've been listening to you since I was a wee one 😁Kate

When I was 17, I was going to go hunting with my brother. He showed me how to load a 12 gauge shotgun.  We didn't put the safety on after that.  I was holding the gun and set it on the fender of our old pick up truck. It slid down to the ground and went off in my hand.  I lost my thumb and the ends of my pinkie and ring fingers.  I was pretty lucky though because I had powder burns on my cheek. It hasn't held me back much.  I play piano, crochet, bowl, and write right handed. The only thing I can't do is hitch hike.  :)



My wife asked me one November to get her a Nativity Stable for her outdoor Christmas decorations.  That afternoon I was in Menards looking at the decorations and found a stable.  I was about to buy it and noticed that it was $70 plus it was cheaply made.  So I decided for around $30 worth of cedar wood I could make my own.  Well in the process of making my own stable, I believe Jesus decided I was not the carpenter he was!  While ripping a 1x6 cedar board the saw kicked back removing my index finger and cutting deeply into my middle finger.  

Now an ambulance ride and surgery later I still do not have a Nativity Stable but I also do not have to do Christmas decorations either.  

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