Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: Star Party & My Birthday Bash!

As you all know Star Party was Friday and it was so much fun!  Before the show started the morning show attempted a group pic, and of course the funny ones turned out better than the nice ones so I present you with this:

I grabbed a pic with Niall during his Meet & Greet and I just have to say he is one of the nicest artists I've ever met!

Normally during artist Meet & Greets I just introduce myself, take a quick pic and am done with it.  Well, that is not what I did with Flo because everything Flo touches is gold so I decided to be a bit bolder. I run up, shake his hand and introduce myself, but then proceed to say, "I know you have your own backup dancers but just so you're aware, I'm a great dancer so if you need another volunteer I'm your girl."  At this point I catch him sneak a peek at my backside and then go "Okay, okay, don't backdown now."  My response: "Absolutely not, see on you stage." End meet & greet.  And now low and behold, HERE I AM ON STAGE WITH FLO RIDA. 

For the last month I've had a birthday party planned where I was going to do a yard games/day drinking type of shindig and then head to Art-A-Whirl in northeast.  Well, as you're all aware the weather turned out to be pretty crappy on Saturday so I was stressed my party was going to be a dud but it was anything but that.  A ton of people showed up, and it's always the best when random groups of people just click and become friends so here's a group pic of the majority of the squad that made it!

And then halfway through the day things started to get weird like when I looked over and there was a human pyramid happening in my living room.  (Note the time on the clock at this point, lol)

So huge shout-out to everyone that put Star Party together and all the listeners that came and also to all my amazing friends for making my birthday weekend one of the best!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well :) 

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