Steve-O's Five Wknd Pics: My Parents on Kare 11 and a DIY Pinterest Project

Friday I appeared on KARE 11's Breaking the News and since my parents were in town and my wife and Olivia were at a birthday party I brought them along and it ended up being a great idea because they got on TV.  LOL  

Saturday night we ended up going to Punch Bowl Social to celebrate my birthday a week late and this gave Falen and I an opportunity to duet on our favorite song, "What's Going On?" by 4 Non Blondes and the answer is yes....we CRUSHED IT!  

Kristy's mother's day gift from me and the gift.  Mason jars with different herbs in it, came out pretty well and it's inspired from something I, of course, saw on Pinterest.  

Classic moment from my mom over the weekend.  Olivia made this sugar hand and foot wash as a girl scout project for both my mother and my wife and since there wasn't a label on it and it smelled sweet my mom decided to eat a bit of it.  (She also gave some of it to Isaac)  

Picture of my mom and the kids with Nana before a walk on Sunday afternoon.  

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