16 Things That Guys On Reddit Say Make A Woman Cool

1. She knows her stuff

Started talking to me about technological advancements being made in various fields of science and actually knew what she was talking about. Not just cause she saw a 30 second video about it on buzzfeed or something.

2. She talks the talk

Used profanity in the workplace.

3. She keeps him fed

Casually dating girl, she sends random pizza to my office for lunch. My office is a food desert; she hit the grand-slam on that one, and latter I made sure she knew it.

4. She can pay for herself

Pay your own way on dates.

5. She’s got her life together

She got her own house. She got her own car. Work hard, two jobs, she a bad broad.

6. She’s disciplined — and humble

A friend of mine who used to train at my gym is a very skilled kickboxer; She’s had a couple of amateur fights. In my case this is easy mode, as I think any person who trains any combat sport at all is cool AF. Double points for training hard styles like MMA, BJJ, Kyokushinkai, Judo etc. Double THOSE points for a girl, because for some reason training is sometimes seen as too masculine for women, for some reason.

It gets better. A lot of guys walk into the gym and talk about how good they are, how they love to train and can’t wait to compete. A couple of months later they leave because they totally legit love it; Muay Thai is life but they’re not in the right place right now with their sister’s wedding in a few months and then they’re going on vacation to Japan for three weeks so there’s no point in training hard now, right? They’ll be back in a few months they promise.

She’s the opposite. She is all those things those guys say they are, but doesn’t talk about it at all, unless it’s with other people who train.

7. She’s true to herself

being a phony totally slaughters attraction. don’t try to impress me. doesn’t matter whether you’re into anime, sci-fi, boxing, thrash metal, theater, film-noir, or collecting medieval torture devices.. tell me all about it! be a person! be true to yourself around me! and if I don’t appreciate it then I can go f*** myself

8. She’s independent

Anything that exudes independance of men. Changing your own oil, patching drywall, or any of the other things women generally rely on their fathers/brothers/boyfriends to take care of. We totally want to do it for you, but it’s awesome when you are capable on your own. Men enjoy the company of tomboys, especially if we have a couple sissy things we enjoy.

9. She gets to the point

I think it’s really nice if a women can tell a story in a funny way and doesn’t bore me to death with a million details.

10. She has rare talents

There was this polish exchange student, really shy and cute but as soon as it came to partying, she was immediately the center of attention, because she could open a beer bottle with her teeth. It was really badass, but I’m sure that’s not really healthy.

11. She doesn’t care

Not worry if she was being cool or not. Indifference is very cold.

12. She wants to learn

I knew a girl who learned American Sign Language just because she wanted to learn something new.

13. She wants a peek

I made I joke on Facebook about randomly snapchatting my d*** to everyone one I’m snapchat friends with. (I make a lot of d*** pic jokes)

And she snapped me asking why she didn’t get one

14. She stands up for herself

A young woman at my job stopped what she was doing and walked right up to the guy talking s*** about her and said to him “if you have something to say to me, say it to ME. Stop talking to everyone else here, that does no good.”

He didn’t know what to do or say. He’s a bitch anyway so I laughed at him. I want to date her now… She’s an A+ in my book

15. She has a life

Had her own life, her own interests, passions and hobbies (she has mad sewing skills and makes her own clothing! How cool is that?), tried new things to do and cook or bake.

Those three things made her MUCH more different and cooler from the majority of women I know. Especially the “tries new things” part. Binging a series in two days, going to university or making cupcakes isn’t something that is going to impress me a lot.

16. She knows her way around a toolbox

My wife can hotwire a tractor.

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