10 Summer Date Ideas You Should Try, Like, Yesterday

Take advantage of spring/ summer and try one (or all) of these 10 date ideas that don't include dinner or Netflix.

1. Rent a van for a weekend trip. Hit the road with your sweetie for an adventure in tiny home living.

2. Check out a niche festival. Into cheese, grapes and/or jazz? You can find festivals specializing in all kinds of interests.

3. Spend the day at a water park. Tap into your inner-kid and ride all the slides at the park.

4. Tour different breweries. Learn about beer while getting a little tipsy.

5. Pretend to be tourists for the day. Be a stranger in your own city-- maps and all. Fanny packs optional.

6. Drive around listening to music. Roll down the windows and blast your summer playlist.

7. Have a rooftop picnic. Who need a park when you can take your picnic basket to the top of the building to catch the sunset?

8. Have a silent reading date. Head to a library, bookstore or cafe for some AC to cool you down while you each read a book from your summer reading list.

9. Go camping. You don't even have to leave home; pitch a tent in the backyard.

10. Go on a museum crawl. Check out all the museums you've been wanting to explore one after the other.

Source: POPSUGAR; photo: Getty Images

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