Steve-O's Five Pictures: Birthday and the Cutest Animal at the Walk for Animals

Birthday was Friday and we celebrated it in record time with a Cinco De Steve-O party with our family.  Cool "vintage" present I got below.

Cool picture my wife got me for my birthday, she snuck the kids out over the weekend and had these made.  

A project that's almost done.  My five-year-old, Isaac loves legos and really wants a lego table so I'm building him one with foldable legs so HOPEFULLY, we'll be able to easily store it out of the way.  

Love where our kids go to school and Friday they had their annual school carnival which is a blast for all the kids (except Isaac who isn't allowed to do a lot of the fun stuff because of his cast).  

Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals was Saturday morning and the CUTEST animal there was a baby porcupine.  It was easily the cutest thing ever!  

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