Dave's Weekend in 5 Pics...Scout Hike, Shaved Beard, More!

I had a great weekend!  Most of it was an overnight backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts.  Here's the boys looking at a distant water tower trying to figure out what city it was.

And me with Carson taking a break around mile 13.  This is the last day with the beard because on Sunday...

It came off!  First time in nearly a year.  Funny thing is, my wife asked me to shave it off, but when I did, it took her a few hours to notice.

Chronologically out of order but on Friday I went to McDonald's in Chaska to give away Star Party tickets.  These three co-workers are all trying to win Flo Rida meet & greets for the girl on the left.  

Sunday, Carson had a recital and did a snare drum duet with his music teacher.  Isn't it amazing how much of our time is taken up with our kid's activities and passions?  I don't mind.  I love it.  Video is on my Facebook page.

Have a great week!

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