Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/28 - 4/30

I had my friend Kia's birthday Friday night.  She got a table at a club downtown and we danced the night away!

After I got done at my serving job on Saturday I met up with Mike and Falen at Dangerous Man. The highlights were...

This Strawberry Ale I drank:

The conversations Mike has on Grindr:

And Falen hacking Mike's social accounts: 

I should also mention a couple guys started talking to me and Falen at Dangerous Man and Falen's version of flirting involves sarcasm, insult, and jokes.  For example, when one guy mentioned he didn't like corn because it comes out of your body the same way it goes in, Falen's response was that she prefers to see what is coming out of her body so corn is her favorite.  I had actual tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. 

Lastly, my little sister sent me this snapchat of a birthday card my Mom gave to my cousin over the weekend and apparently she forgot to put my name on it at first. 

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