Mom's Email to Daughter's Teachers Goes Viral: "She's Done Doing Homework"

Bunmi Laditan of Quebec, Canada, has a 10-year-old daughter named Maya. Maya's recently been coming home from school stressed about her workload, so Laditan emailed Maya's teachers Tuesday (Apr. 25) to tell them her daughter's "drastically reducing the amount of homework she does this year."

The email reads:

"Maya will be drastically reducing the amount of homework she does this year. She's been very stressed and is starting to have physical symptoms such as chest pain and waking up at 4:00 A.M. worrying about her workload.

"She's not behind academically and very much enjoys school. We've consulted with a tutor and a therapist [whom] suggested we lighten her workload. Doing 2-3 hours of homework after getting home at 4:30 is leaving little time for her to just be a child and enjoy family time and we'd like to avoid her sinking into a depression over this."

The email, which Laditan screenshotted and posted on Facebook, has gone viral.

Source: Huffington Post

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