'Titanic' Fan Theory Explains Why Rose *Let Jack Drown At The End

A Reddit user came up with a theory detailing why Rose DeWitt Bukater (spoiler alert!) let Jack Dawson drown at the end of Titanic, a romance-disaster film that follows a 17-year-old aristocrat (Rose), who falls in love with a poor artist (Jack) aboard the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic.

The theory claims Jack Dawson never existed. He's merely a figment of Rose's imagination, which she leans on during a psychotic episode derived from her insufferable reality as an upper-class woman.

The theory explains why Rose let Jack drown so easily: because he wasn't physically there to climb up next to her.

Or maybe Jack did exist, and Rose is a selfish, cold-hearted snake.

Source: BuzzFeed; photo: 20th Century Fox/ Paramount Pictures

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