Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/21 - 4/23

I had to work at my serving job Friday and Sunday this week.  I've worked in a restaurant part-time for the last 6 years and have learned to brush most things under the rug but I will just never understand someone that stiffs a server.  This person ordered a couple drinks which I dropped off in a timely manner and then brought a tab when they asked for it so I don't think this was an issue with the service I provided.  I normally don't rant about these things but this was Friday night on a 10 hour closing shift so I was pretty annoyed on this one.  *End rant*  

I woke up Saturday morning and immediately went outside on my patio and spent a couple hours soaking in the sun.  I also went on an hour long bike ride in the afternoon and as a result, I got my first sunburn of the year. 

I grabbed apps and drinks with some friends Saturday night at Lagos Tacos which I'm not sure how I had never been to before since I lived in uptown for 3 years but highly recommend it if you've never been!

I went to a birthday party Saturday night and when you're in your 20's and kegs are at a party apparently keg stands still occur... 

And here I am with some friends prior to a pretty fun night out downtown!

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