Alternatives To Couples Therapy That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Couples counseling isn't for everyone. If you're seeking an alternative to therapy, try one (or all) of the following:

Couples retreat

Sometimes you need a change of scenery and some R & R to get your relationship back on track. Research shows traveling with your S.O. can leave you on a high, and that "afterglow" can last up to a month. Pack your bags!

DIY at-home-therapy

Read self-help books and/or enroll in an online relationship course. You can work on your relationship without the help of a professional, but you have to stay consistent, communicative and open-minded.

Don't forget about date nights

Spending time alone as a couple is important in keeping the spark alive. Whether it's spending an evening out on the town or on the couch, it's crucial you and your boo set aside QT together.

Find something you both enjoy

Sharing experiences will help you connect in a new way. Find a class you’re both interested in, visit a museum together or go on a hike-- just do something together you both enjoy.

Source: POPSUGAR; photo: Getty Images

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