Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (4/21 - 4/23)

Spent Earth Day outside dethatching our lawn which continues to be a work in progress.  When we moved in there were a ton of weeds, crabgrass, and dead spots.  I'm hoping this will go a long way because right now it just makes the yard look hideous.  

Saturday the kids were misbehaving and this is the only way we could get them under control. Too far?  

Kristy took this picture at the Prince block party on Saturday.  

Sunday afternoon we were outside, went to Maynard's for brunch. 

Sunday afternoon, Isaac had a play date and while I worked on putting up the trampoline I said it was cool if he jumped.  He fell trying to get off, landed on his left arm and it looks like he may have broken it.  This is him at the hospital after getting his x-rays.  


A sixth picture of Isaac, bad news, buddy fractured his elbow.  :(  

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