No TV Challenge: Five Things Meredith Learned From a Week with No TV

 Meredith, a mother of three invited us into her home last Friday to take out all of her TV's to see what would happen.  After a week without being able to use it as a distraction for the kids Meredith shared some of the things she learned.

1. Turning the TV on is a natural instinct: Just like when we grab for our phones every 15 minutes even though it is not necessary, we still do it. I found myself wanting to turn the TV on just because. I don’t know if it is for background noise [even though my kids make enough of that] or if it is a comfort item for us.


2. I use it as a babysitter: This is a no brainer and I would guess 90% of the moms out there agree with me. For those that don’t…. I applaud you. I usually make most of the meals in the house during the weekdays, and it is HARD when there are three kids running around. I caught myself many times wanting to turn the TV on or telling them to go downstairs and watch Trolls until I was done cooking.  I also use TV or ipads so I can shower quickly. Lastly, they help for naptime. I usually give my older kids the choice of a movie or ipad during nap so I have time to work and get stuff done [you know, like catching up on Greys Anatomy]. I know this may sound bad to all the non-parents out there, but you just wait…. It will save your sanity.


3. I miss the news: Every morning I try and get up before the kids do so I can drink my coffee and watch the news. Morning one without TVs I was actually pissed when I realized I couldn’t do that. Yes, the news is mainly full of crap these days, but for some reason I just enjoy watching it.

See what else Meredith learned on her blog.

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