Living a Week without TV! Meredith took the Challenge

Meredith lives in Plymouth with her husband and three kids under the age of five who are all obsessed with TV.  

Here's what Meredith said about the decision to take the no TV challenge on her blog, Midwest Mommy Living. 

Last week I was listening to KDWB on my drive to my parents’ house. I heard them talking about an article from a magazine where a family got rid of all their TVs. Their kids actually started playing with their toys, wanted to help cook dinner with their parents [ I may secretly not want this to happen…] and started to build their imagination. KDWB decided to search for a family to test this idea and asked people to submit their interest to partake in it.

My husband and I were just talking about how horrible TV has been for my two "bigs" and were looking for ideas to limit screen time. My two-year-old daughter is psychotically obsessed with TMNTs to the point where she hyper ventilates and convulses when there isn’t a new episode on OnDemand [insert eye roll… or take the phone out to video tape her doing it ;)]

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