Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (April 14-16)

It's funny, I go to Colorado to relax and recharge, but I usually spend a ton of time doing stuff.  Which is awesome.  I rode the bike up into the mountains and stopped at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden.  It's very cool and if you love trains or have kids, they'll love it.  They even have a working old steam engine giving people rides on Saturdays!

I rode past Red Rocks Ampitheater and decided to stop.  There have been thousands of concerts there over the years, everyone from the Beatles to Prince.  It really was impressive and beautiful but smaller than I expected.

This is downtown Central City, Colorado.  It's a gambling town but to be honest, it's a little sad and dead.  If you go, check out the next town, Black Hawk, only a mile or so away, and it's much livelier.

I wasn't here for this but Carson spent part of the weekend working on his Eagle Scout project.  Here he is picking up a used band instrument someone is donating to his project.  He's going to give them to the school district for kids who want to play an instrument but can't afford one.

And finally, I rode by some people climbing the canyon wall outside Blackhawk.  Something I'd never have the nerve to do but wow, it was cool to watch!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Thanks for looking at my blog!

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