Five Random Facts For Tuesday!

Here are some random facts for you to impress your coworkers with!


1.  The Rolling Stones song "Paint It Black" was released with an accidental stray comma in the title on the record cover so it was "Paint It, Black".  That made people think there might be a negative racial connotation.


2.  The used car chain CarMax was created by Circuit City in 1991.  They split it off into a second company in 2002 . . . and it's still going strong, while Circuit City died in 2009.


3.  There's enough cash in circulation in the United States that every single person in the country could carry $4,200 on them.

Mid section of a young man standing with money in pocket 

4.  In ancient Persia, people debated ideas twice:  Once when they were sober, once when they were drunk.  The idea had to sound good in BOTH states before they'd start acting on it.

  5.  McDonald's sells 75 hamburgers every second.

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