Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (4/7-4/9)

We went on an adventure over the weekend and it was seriously great.  My family along with two other families drove the 2 1/2 hours on Saturday to Three Bears Resort.  We shared a cabin that ended up having plenty of space for the 6 adults and 7 children ranging from ages 1  - 7 years-old.  

Mike and Kevin, the two other dad's that went on the adventure.  Fun fact, my wife never got in the water even once, I'm not saying I'm mad but notice when it involves fun with kids it's still the fathers that have to get down and get dirty while the mom's play lifeguard/drink. 

Saturday night all the parents were outside about an hour after the last kid had fallen asleep, we turn around and what do we see, one of the younger girls crying.  SO CLOSE!  (I of course didn't console, I took a picture) 

This is my friend, Mike, the firefighter saving the day.  I was asked to make bacon and sausage on the grill because the kitchen was packed and I started a bit of a fire.  

This maybe hard to see but I flew my drone that Dave got me for Christmas behind the cabin on Sunday morning and the wind caught it.  I thought I'd be able to pull it before it crashed but of course, it crashed and then got stuck in a tree.  20 minutes, a bunch of rocks and sticks later and I was able to get the drone loose.  

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