Top Six "Falen for a Day" Contestants


Stefanie says she has a 'face for radio' and would love to come and dish it out while Falen is on vacation.  

I listen to your show daily - and I get a hard time from friends and family members - but I can't help but love it.  I should also mention - I met my husband in Toastmasters, where I hold a CL and CC. :)

I've always wanted to do radio, and never known how to try - so this would be such an honor for me!  I'm currently doing voice-over training - and I can sing if there was any want for a parody in the time as "Falen." 

Jenny O.

Jenny is a former competitive pool player who has OCD and was once even picked from the crowd to attempt a stunt at the circus.  


My name’s Natalie Hursey, I'm 28 years old, live in St. Louis Park, and would absolutely LOVE to be Falen for a day! People always tell me I have the funniest stories, but I definitely can’t take full credit for them. My family is absolutely crazy and hilarious and they’re constantly giving me great material to work with. I know everybody says their family’s crazy but trust me, nobody holds a candle to us!


Alex has an interesting perspective on life, she ran away and eloped when she was 18 years-old, lived in Alaska for four years and says that the Dave Ryan show and Gary Spivey are both major influences on her life. 

A few more things you should know about me...

- I am very good at filtering myself, so I know you do not need to be worried about anything said on the air. - I am totally down for any games you all want to play. I can't promise I'll be amazing, but I'm willing to try. - My video should be attached to this email (see the link after my attempt to bribe you). Let me know if you didn't get it. I've been told I have a good speaking voice. 

- I am most energetic in the morning, so you'll get me at my full energy! 


Haley is a senior at the University of St. Thomas who drives 45 minutes a day from Chisago City listening to the Dave Ryan Show.  

I would LOVE to be Falen for a day! I am definitely known as the talkative one in my group of friends and amongst my family! 

I listen to your show every day and I even listen to War of the Roses on your website all the time! Below are just SOME stories that I would be able to chat about!


Sarah is from North Dakota and in a former life was an amateur golden gloves boxer. 

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