Flying On a Beautiful Spring Day

I went flying today after work and it was amazing.  I've been flying for 22 years and it was the clearest day I can remember!  

I took off from Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie and flew out over Lake Minnetonka.  This is Big Island from the east. On the right side of the picture is where everyone ties up their boats and parties on beautiful summer days.

I'm right over the north side of Big Island looking west.

Looking down at Norwood-Young America.

Over Norwood-Young America, looking west at beautiful downtown Glencoe!

Approaching the Glencoe Airport.  It was so windy it took me two attempts to land!

Flying back home, I'm over Chaska and I could see downtown Minneapolis clear as day.  See the skyline in the middle of the picture?

Thank you for looking at my blog!

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