Why Am I Single? Alisha

a. Why do YOU think you're single.

I think I'm single because I think I'm too picky. I don't put in really any effort to find someone. I also feel like I'm the girl who always is "friend zoned." I always find a guy who I have a "thing" with and then they never want to commit and I have no clue why!

b. What are you looking for in a guy?

I'm looking for someone who is educated, nice, funny, as motivation to do things. I want someone who I'm attracted too physically but they don't have to be Channing Tatum gorgeous or anything but they have to be somewhat cute. I also want someone who is thoughtful and who will let me be with my friends and want to hang out with my friends too.

c. What was wrong/right about the last couple boyfriends?

So I've only had maybe 2 boyfriends in my entire life. My first boyfriend was in highschool and he was a total douche canoe. I don't even know if it counts as a boyfriend since we were only together for about 3 months. He was all about sex and didn't want to get to know me.

My most recent ex boyfriend was a challenge. He has some addiction issues and I couldn't deal with it. I felt like i lost most of my friend when I was with him because I spent so much time with him. I felt bad every time I asked to do things on my own without him and that was not okay with me.

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