5 Signs You're Burned Out On Using Dating Apps

No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to form a connection with anyone on Tinder. Before you commit yourself to a life of singleness and solitude, consider you're probably just burned out on using dating apps. Here's 5 signs you should give online dating a rest:

1. It feels like work. Your job doesn't stop in the office because dating's become a job, too.

2. You're all swipe, no convo. You swipe without the intention of initiating a conversation with matches. Now, you're overwhelmed by the number of people on your match list.

3. You're only doing it because all your friends are doing it. Everyone is going on dates and you're feeling the pressure to do the same.

4. You go on dates with people you're not really interested in. You feel like all your dates end with "I'll see you around," and you're back to square one.

5. All you do is switch between apps and match with the same people. You've matched with the same person on Bumble, Tinder and Hinge.

Source: Bustle; photo: Getty Images

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