The Best April Fools Jokes of 2017

Ely, Minnesota

Ely loves a good April Fools Jokes, there prank this year, Canoeber.  

The small town of Ely, Minnesota, unveiled a new ride-sharing app called Canoeber ("It's like Uber, but for canoes") today in a press conference at City Hall.  

Honda Emoji Horn

When you cars horn doesn't REALLY say what you're feeling. 


The adult site probably caused a few heart attacks with this joke.  

KFC Smart Bucket

Where's this thing been my entire life?  

All Stuff Oreos

The one April Fools produce we WANT to be real.  

Netflix Live

A show in which Will Arnett just narrates a bunch of mundane things for 48 oddly meditative minutes.

T-Mobile made a magenta ONEsie

This is certainly one way to guarantee yourself complete coverage from your wireless carrier. It's made with 4G LTE nano-fibers and is available in Sport and Work (basically a magenta suit) models. It also supports Bluetooth. It also boasts "Thermanetic Charging" to recharge your onesie using motion and body heat.

Google Gnome

Google goes big on April Fools' Day once again, this time with a smart home speaker for your backyard. The Google Gnome will turn on your hose, offer weather forecasts, and answer the important question: can I eat this? Just don't make any indoor requests. That's what you have Google Home for, duh.

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

It features a 'Microwaav insulation system' and its own crisping sleeve to make sure you stay extra warm. Plus, it looks like a Hot Pocket.  When you attempt to order it they reveal it's a joke which is cruel because I would totally buy one of these.  

Pitless Avocados

Definitely great if you like making guacamole (or you're one of the cool kids who puts avocado on toast, shout out to KDWB's cool promo director Lauren ). These avocados from online grocery shopping service FreshDirect have no pits.  

Groupon's Flat Earth Globe

The Flat Earth Globe is FREE on Groupon and was designed to "help truth-seeking customers better understand the breathtaking horizontal plane we call home." Based on all the celebrities who have said in recent years that the earth is flat.  

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