Something We All Love Getting In the Mail

I was super-happy to get these thank you notes in the mail last week!  I'm a big believer in thank you notes, and it seems that not many people think they're important anymore.  Oh sure, they'll accept your kindness, they'll be happy you went out of your way for them, but other than maybe a text or a note on Facebook Messenger, they don't show much appreciation.

I know we don't do nice things for people because we expect them to fall all over themselves thanking us, we do it because we're able to help and we like to help.  

I've talked on the radio before about a relative of mine who had two kids and no bed for herself so she was sleeping on the floor.  She didn't ask me for a bed, but Susan and I sent her one.  We did it because no mom or for that matter no person should sleep on the floor.  Unless it's a kid at a slumber party or your drunk friend passed out by the toilet.  We didn't expect anything in return.  But what we got was pretty thoughtless.  Just a sentence on Facebook Messenger.  I dunno.  It just seemed like maybe she coulda gone to a little more effort.

Not too long ago, a local school asked me to come out and do some magic for the kids.  I went ALL OUT!  I went online and bought some magic tricks that I knew kids would like.  I bought some little household items for each kid to teach them to do a trick themselves.  And I got them all a treat bag.  I practiced the magic and I was ready to go!  I had a blast doing it and I thought it went well, but I never got as much as an email saying thanks.  It made me wonder if somehow I'd done something while I was there to upset  or offend someone and they didn't feel I deserved a thank you.  I still wonder.

In my book, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything" there's a chapter on writing thank-you notes.  It may be a dying art form, but that's why it's even more important that you do it.  It'll make you look like you care, while everyone else looks ungrateful.  And looking good is always a plus, right?  :)

BTW, you can download my book on Amazon. (plug, plug, plug)

THANK YOU for reading my blog!

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