The Cool and New Things in a 1996 SkyMall Catalog

Have you ever bought anything from a SkyMall catalog?  Do they even have them anymore? 

Back in the day, it was full of cutting edge electronics and gadgets that were so cool in their day.  Like this thing that vibrates to let you know your cell phone is ringing.  Yeah, we have that now built into our phones. But in 1996, your phone either rang or it was on silent.

And what about this?  An encyclopedia on CD-ROM!  Throw out your old thick, heavy books, cuz here is everything on disk!  I think I actually owned one of these sets for awhile, but now everything is online.  And just think, the kid in the picture is probably 35 by now with kids of his own!

Who thought this was a practical idea?  Did they ever sell any??  But it was new and innovative in 1996, so maybe we did!

Here's a link to the entire article.

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