Here's What You Should Know Before You Start Dating A Co-Worker

It's not unheard of to start a relationship with a co-worker. How else do you meet *people in your adult life?

*Not serial killers. found 50 percent of those surveyed have pursued a relationship with a co-worker. Another 27 percent surveyed think inter-office relations are fine-- even when the relationship is with a boss.

Here's what to do to avoid an HR nightmare if you start an inter-office romance:

1. Look at your work handbook. If there's nothing in writing that says you can't date co-workers, it's probably okay.

2. Avoid PDA at work. Absolutely no kissing in the office.

3. Be honest. Don't sneak around, but don't cross the line of 'courteous' and 'crazy in love.'

4. Keep it cute on social media. Don't post face-sucking pics.

5. Don't arrive together or leave together. It's weird.

Source: Cosmo

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