Four things your credit card company will do if you ask

I've always paid my entire credit card off each month. It was something my mother stressed over and over again. Have a I been late on a payment before, yes. BUT it was because I forgot and missed the date. I saw this list, and I'm definitely going to call about the annual fee and the lower interest rate! 

According to a new survey, here are four things your credit card company will usually do for you if you just call them up and ask:

  1. Waive a late payment fee.  Only 25% of us have asked, and it worked 87% of the time.  You just can't do it all the time.
  2. Up your credit limit.  28% of people have asked, and it worked 89% of the time.
  3. Lower your interest rate.  19% of people have asked, and it worked 69% of the time.
  4. Waive their annual fee.  Only 11% of people have asked for it.  51% had it waived, and another 31% ended up paying a lower fee.  So that's an 82% success rate.


The survey did find it's a little harder for YOUNG people to get a yes on all that stuff.  But once you hit your mid-to-late 20's, your chances go way up.  

93% of people between 27 and 36 who've asked for any of those four things have gotten a yes at least once.


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