Playing Bingo in Madison | Mike's weekend in 5 pics 3/25-26

I used to live in Madison, Wisconsin for a few years and that's when I first started playing "Camp Bingo" a few times every year. It's a charity game that helps raise money for the AIDS Research Center of Wisconsin. Yes, you can win cash but a huge portion of the money paid to play the game goes to a great organization in Madison. Here's how the weekend played out:

The drive

I told Falen I would drive if she volunteered her car since it's bigger and more roomy. This is exactly how Falen spent most of the drive to Madison - horizontal in the backseat on her phone, skipping over every song that came on her iHeartRadio playlist.

Paul's Club

It's a Madison staple along State Street and there's a TREE inside the bar. It's kinda dive-y, but still super chill and we loved stopping there for a beverage on Saturday afternoon. Raven couldn't stop looking at it.

Short Stack breakfast

Sunday morning, we went to a cute breakfast place along State Street in Madison - Short Stack Eatery. There was a pretty long line to get in and it was raining, but we braved the drizze to try it! It's so cute and they're even open from Saturday morning through Sunday night (yes, the whole time!) Old Fashioneds are a Wisconsin drink staple and I had a breakfast version on Sunday. I also ordered the "blind special." They won't tell you what's in it (unless you ask and are okay paying a few dollars more). I got lucky and got the most delicious meal. It was a "caprese eggs benedict." 

Camp Bingo

We finally made to Camp Bingo on Sunday afternoon. The place was packed, the costumes for the "Witches and Wizards" theme were all on point, and we were super unlucky as we barely came close to winning any of the games. But we helped raise money for the AIDS Research Center of Wisconsin. 

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