Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/24 - 3/26

Well this weekend was supposed to be pretty laid back but turned into me going out Friday night, Saturday night, and also a little Sunday Funday.  

I watched the disappointing Badger game Friday night and then met up with some friends at The Front and danced the night away.  

I went for a run around the Stone Arch Bridge Saturday morning and came across this contraption and have no idea what it is.  If you know what it is, tweet me @JennyKdwb!

I made some new friends Friday night and ended up going out with them Saturday too.   I swear I'm 26, not 21 anymore but I still act like it sometimes.  Like when I'm at a party where shotgunning beers is a thing.

The guys place we were at was very nice but had some typical bachelor pad things like this Christmas tree and stockings that are still up 3 months after Christmas and a putt putt green so of course I needed documented proof to be able to make fun of them later for it. 

And here's a picture of my friend Alexa and I before heading out for the night!

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