New Emojis To Include Mermaids, A Cricket, Barf, Brain and More! [PHOTOS]

Unicode Consortium, the group that regulates the standard set of emojis, will discuss in June 69 potential new emojis and their recently released mock-ups.

1. Mythical creatures, including zombies, mermaids, fairies, elves, wizards, vampires and genies.

2. New faces, including a shocked expression with an exploding brain; an angry emoji with symbols that represent cursing covering the mouth; a skeptical expression with one eyebrow raised and a vomiting emoji.

3. New animals, including dinosaurs, a hedgehog and a cricket.

4. New foods like a sandwich, broccoli, a pretzel, a steak, a coconut, a pie and a cup with a straw.

5. An orange heart.

If Unicode Consortium approves these emojis, they could appear on your phone by the end of the summer.

Source: NYMag; Photo: Emojipedia

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