5 Mistakes We Make In Our 20s That Benefit Us In Our 30s

Mistakes aren't mistakes if you learn from them, which is why mistakes in your 20s make great life lessons in your 30s. Here's five mistakes we make in our 20s that we can learn from in our 30s:

1. Dating players. Dating sh*tty people in your 20s will make you thankful for the ones who treat you well, like you for who you are and genuinely want to see you succeed.

2. Working an awful job. No one graduated college to grab coffee for their boss. Stick it out, though, because one day you'll be thankful for the rewarding job you've always dreamed of and worked hard for.

3. Spending too much. Burning cash like crazy in your 20s will teach you that both spending and saving are good in moderation.

4. Sleeping late. You'll realize how important it is to seize the day.

5. Burying yourself in work for the sake of your career. You'll spend a lot less time with family and friends in your 20s, but, hey, once you climb the corporate ladder all the way to the tippy top, you can make up for lost time in your 30s.

Source: EliteDaily; Photo: Getty Images

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