Which one of us has the best idea for a $20 Date?

Dave challenged all of us to come up with the best $20 date idea. It doesn't matter if it's a first date or if your relationship has been going on for years, these ideas are ways to spend time together without breaking the bank! Who came up with the best? Listen below for us to explain our dates in detail and hear the comments!


Stop by your local Caribou to grab any hot beverage (or iced in the summer!)...and make sure to leave a tip! Swing by Elm Creek Park Preserve and take a beautiful stroll and get to know each other more!

Total cost: about $8 ($10 with tip!)


Make a Target run to get markers and paper. This will be a challenge because nobody ever goes into Target for a few things and leaves without spending $100. First stop at the in-store Starbucks for drinks to walk around with. Next stop: Minnehaha Falls. You each write down a bunch of things for each other to draw. Make some quick sketches and see if the other person can guess what you have drawn. The drawings can be on your wedding table if the relationship progresses that far.

Total cost: about $20


If you have a friend with a downtown rooftop deck and pool, this is a genius plan! First stop at the nearest SuperTarget for a rotisserie chicken, then grab a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" from and a $5 bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe's. Spend hours together talking, joking and getting to know each other more as the sun sets behind the skyline.

Total cost: $12-15

Weather Girl Jenny

Take a bike ride to Como Zoo Conservatory (obviously leave a donation for the Zoo). After the bike ride, stop by the grocery store for $1 Lunchables and a six-pack of craft beer at the attached grocery store for a cute picnic in a nearby park.

Total cost: $16-18

Mike the Web Guy

Take a stroll around IKEA! Not only can you get lost in the living rooms, kitchens, tools, trinkets and knickknacks, but if the relationship goes long-term, you'll have an idea of what your partner likes in their home decor. If it ends, at least you'll have some ideas for your own home. Regardless, grab meatballs and cinnamon buns before you head out.

Total cost: about $15

So who had the best $20 date? Leave a comment below!

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