Love Advice We Should Start Ignoring Immediately

If you’ve been following the relationship and dating “rules” you hear in rom-coms and read in women’s magazines, you're probably still single because relationship advice is for suckers. Here's the love advice everyone should ignore:

“Relationships take hard work.” The toughest decision a new couple has to make is where to eat dinner, so, no, it shouldn't take hard work. A new romance should be easy. When life gets rocky and real later on, that’s when it’s hard work.

“You have to love yourself first.” While being happy with yourself is important, you don't have to love the way your butt looks in skinny jeans (or have your entire life figured out!) before you meet someone.

“Your partner should be your best friend.” Your partner doesn't have to be your everything. It's okay to go to your best friends for advice and have a S.O. who complements you instead of “completing you.”

“Never go to bed angry.” Sleep makes everything better; fighting until the wee hours doesn’t.

“When the right person comes along, you just know.” You feel that bolt of lightning when love strikes, but you might not “know” how you feel until you really get to know someone. Don’t wait to know “right away,” or you could be waiting forever.

Source: Glamour/ photo: Getty Images

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