Things Minnesotans do that seem weird to everyone else

Play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

Gray Duck > Goose

Carve royalty out of butter

Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, "Princess Kay of the Milky Way" and the other dairy princess have the distinguished honor of having their faces carved from creamy butter. And you're super jealous.

Travel to a completely different state to get cheese

Minnesotans are confident enough to know that their dairy production isn't quite on the same level as our neighbors in Wisconsin, and that's why we're totally cool driving a little bit to get cheese.  Especially since Minnesota is finally allowing liquor sales on Sundays, this is basically the only reason.

Carry around a giant bucket of cookies

It's a tradition. You head the Fair and walk around for hours...but first, it's a quick trip to Sweet Martha's Cookies to grab a bucket (because a cone will never fully satisfy). 

Walk behind frozen waterfalls

If you haven't seen the frozen Minnehaha Falls in person, you're really missing out. Even if it isn't exactly the safest form of entertainment, it will always make the perfect Snapchat.

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