Story Behind the Picture #3 "Meeting for the First TIme"

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Here’s a picture of me meeting the recipient of my altruistic (anonymous, non-directed) kidney donation.


On 12/15/14 I donated a kidney anonymously at the Mayo clinic.  I didn’t know who would receive it; all I knew was that it was given to a woman in Mayo’s Scottsdale, AZ clinic.  Six months later were allowed to exchange letters.  I became Facebook friends with Maxine and her family and ultimately arranged to fly to Phoenix to surprise her on the 1st anniversary of the transplant.


This is a timely story as March is National Kidney month.  Happy to share more information (and better pictures) if you’re interested.   Here’s a link to my blog post of my donation as well as the day we met.  Here’s a  Mayo Clinic post.




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