Mom Posts Hilarious Sign on Bathroom Door [PHOTO]

If you have kids, you probably can’t remember the last time you took a shower without a small voice yelling, "Mom!," fingers reaching under the door or one of your kids (or all of them) bursting into the bathroom.

That’s why every mom can relate to the hilarious sign someone posted to the “Mommas Helping Mommas Facebook” page. It reads:

If mom is in the bathroom you are NOT allowed to . . .

#1 Knock, unless the house is on fire or someone is bleeding AND/OR dead.

#2 Scream questions at me if the shower is running! HOT TIP: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

#3 Wait for me within inches of the door and then yell at me when you get slammed in the face like it's my fault.

#4 Slip me notes of any kind, especially the ones with those check boxes. Ask yourself this before knocking... Can I survive the next two minutes without mom?” (And it’s followed by  two check boxes, “yes” and “no.”)


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