Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (March 10-12)

Saturday night we went to see "Rain" a musical tribute to The Beatles.  I LOVE the Beatles.  I've seen this show three or four times and it's amazing.

Before the show we all went out to dinner.  That's Susan, Carson, Allison and her fiancee' Justin.

My dad died in 2003 and he left behind hundreds of these slides.  I'm sure you know what slides are, but since Carson didn't, I'll explain.  They're photos that people used to project on screens on in little viewers.  No one has screens, projectors or little viewers anymore, so all you can do with slides is hold them up to the light to try to see what's in them.  So I got a digital converter and spend a TON of time this weekend converting hundreds of slides

For example, this one.  That's me with the stuffed tiger on Christmas morning with my brother and sister.  And that green chair behind me?  That was the first new piece of furniture my mom and dad ever owned.   I was about 3 years old and when they brought it home, they took it out of the box and put it where it's sitting and went in the kitchen to make lunch.   I sat in it and chewed a big gaping hole in the arm of their brand new chair.  You can't see it in this picture.  I don't remember why they didn't beat my ass for it, but they didn't.  I just remember them wondering how to keep me from doing it again.  Wow!  I would have dropped me off at a state park or something!

Carson is at that age where I have to sort of force him to spend time with me.  So I got out Rummikub and made him play me.  I'm teaching him, so that's why the tiles are all visible.  He actually liked it!

Have a great week!

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